Best Stereo Interconnect under £50 Award (in the class of cables & interconnects): van den Hul The NAME.


Van den Hul might raise a few eyebrows with The Name, but there’s absolutely no question mark over its performance – it easily sounds like the best in its class.

The magazine’s comments:

Don’t let The Name confuse you (if it hasn’t done already) – this is the interconnect to have at this price. A relatively modest investment of your hard-earned will return an enlightened and hugely entertaining sound. You’re treated to a beautiful sonic balance. Instruments and vocals sound natural and are relayed in all their original glory with an even-handed approach across the whole of the frequency range.

Its timing ability maintains an accurate and precise rendition of the Black Eyed Peas’ Shut Up: the track stops and starts in all the right places with no loss of direction. The Name also allows for a rich and full-bodied presentation without losing any vital resolution along the way. Every ounce of detail is fashioned exceptionally for your enjoyment.

It’s easy to get confused due to van den Hul’s too-clever naming ploy, but we’re convinced The Name’s sonic character will shine through. It’s a cracking choice.