Best Mains Lead over £100 Award (in the class of cables & interconnects): van den Hul The MAINSSTREAM HYBRID.


Possibly the greatest upgrade option currently available on the open market – after its recent £200 price slash, this comes heartily recommended for its absolute all-round excellence.

The magazine’s comments:

Products do drop stars from time to time – mainly due to advances in the competition. However, there aren’t too many products that pick stars up over time. The Mainsstream is the exception.
Not only that, but it’s managed to cement best in class status. The van den Hul lead produces an improvement in sound quality that’s usually reserved for more expensive mains blocks and conditioners.

The Mainsstream is no ordinary cable, using high-purity, silver-coated, oxygen-free copper conductors with extensive shielding. The net result is a more refined and mature delivery across the board. Subtler sounds are made clearer, and there’s a greater impression of space around instruments and vocals.

Before its recent price drop, the Mainsserver was a super-premium product that only high-end system users could justify buying. However, now it’s within reach of far more of us – go and buy one.