Over five decades ago, we invented our phono cartridge stylus, the van den Hul 1S. During these decades, we also produced phono cartridges, which are regarded as some of the best in their class and renowned worldwide. However, as a leading manufacturer of phono cartridges, it was only natural for us to create our own phono preamplifier. This led to the launch of the original Grail in 2009. Over the years, we introduced the Grail SB (featuring balanced inputs and outputs) and the SE (including a dual mono board and balanced connectivity).

Now, we proudly present the latest addition to our lineup, the Grail SX, which serves as the successor to the Grail SE and our new flagship phono amplifier.


A new model, a new circuit board
In developing our flagship phono preamplifier, we have also redesigned the circuit board. With the new circuit board, the overall sound quality has significantly improved. The Grail SX delivers notable enhancements, particularly in terms of soundstage and airiness.

Mixed operation for input and output
The new Grail SX allows for mixed-mode operation of the inputs and outputs. When receiving a symmetrical (XLR) input signal, the output can be used simultaneously in symmetrical (XLR) and asymmetrical (RCA) modes. The same applies to the asymmetrical (RCA) input, where both outputs can now be used independently and simultaneously.

Automatic load impedance
Similar to its predecessor, the Grail SX features automatic load impedance adjustment for cartridges, ranging from 10 Ohms to 400 Ohms.

Designed and made in Europe
Like all other van den Hul products, the Grail SX is designed and manufactured in Europe. 

Availability and pricing
The Grail SX is now available through our distributors, with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of EUR(MSRP) of EUR 24.000.