Due to all hectic and the holidays in December, we are posting this later then planned. But we are stil proud and grateful about we have achieved.

In November 2022, we have exhibited with out Dutch distributors at a dealer show, the iEar show. With one of the distributors, we have did things ‘a bit different’. To expose the possibilities of Carbon Nano Tube interlinks and loudspeaker cables, every cable in the chain was based on Carbon Nano Tube. The electronics were from ourselves as well (The Emerald preamplifier, The Excalibur amplifier and the Grail SE phono preamplifier). The turntable was manufactured by Reed. Last but not least, the horn loudspeakers with an efficiency of 107dB, came from Blumenhofer.

Despite that we have tested on forehand in our own listening room, we were again blown away by its sound quality. Not only us, but the room was the whole day crowded like on the picture below.

Ands as reward, we have received this beautiful award.

We would like to thank you iEar for hosting this great show, we will see you back in October 2023.