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Cable reviews

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All of our cables are designed for the most optimal experience of sound. Our technologies
focus mainly on the capability of the conductors to transmit and reproduce musical signals
very close to natural and live-sound quality.

Linear Structured Carbon®
Carbon and Hybrid cables
Many years ago we were the first to build an all metal free interlink called The FIRST® with
our now famous Linear Structured Carbon® (L.S.C.). A balanced cable (The SECOND®)
followed and to complete the series we made a speaker cable no one thought possible
with over 3,5 million individually insulated L.S.C. fibers: The THIRD®.
All our "Hybrid" cables are in some way composed with L.S.C. With the use of L.S.C. in
our products we avoid harsh sound and support the transfer of spatial information.
Very smooth midband articulation and extremely high resolution are the results.

FUSION Technology
With the theoretical work based on our carbon experience and focussing on the same effect
with metals and/or metal combinations, our FUSION Technology was developed. FUSION
Technology is based on the strong interlinked combination of copper, zinc and silver in an
amorphous alloy. Being free from inter-crystalline boundaries, the result is an extremely
pure, open and natural sound without sonic harshness. The material is, amongst others,
applied in our The INTEGRATION and The WATERFALL interlinks and The INSPIRATION
loudspeaker cable.

TUNNEL Technology
Based on the same idea of the FUSION Technology, our TUNNEL Technology was developed.
New ideas about the transmission of ultra-low signals with a very high resolution have
been the design parameters of this technology. As a result our interlink The ORCHID
has been created.

Being an audiophile company, we're always looking for better. Equipped with
experiences that were collected for over more than 25 years of manufacturing
audio products and very intense listening, a new innovative experiment was
set up. On the basis of a very special manufacturing technology a multi-metal
conductor was developed called 3T: True Transmission Technology.
The revolutionary conductor design of our 3T technology is capable of transmitting
musical signals very close to natural and live sound-quality. With a stable and very high
resolution, even on very low signal levels, the 3T technology supports the awareness and
joy of the natural acoustics and the "feel" of the size of the recording room or concert hall.
Our innovative 3T technology offers you a high musical quality reproduction, independent
of the equipment used.

With 3T, the consumer is able to reproduce sound with the same superior cables that
professionals currently use for their recordings. A quantum leap in the improvement
of sound that we haven't experienced before!
The main characteristics of 3T:
• No material fatigue problems
to avoid dramatic sound-quality reductions over time
• Never any surface or internal oxidation
to avoid sonic harshness on long term
• A very stable amorphous structure
essential for high-quality live sound, incl. a stable high resolution on very low
signal levels
• Fiber-wise very flexible
produces no mechanical stress in the conductors in any situation
• No chemical aging
to avoid a fast decline of the sound quality
• No mechanical aging
To avoid a fast deterioration of the transmission quality
• Very low number of internal boundaries
to avoid Cross Crystal Distortion (C.C.D.)
• Superior high resolution
Our very innovative 3T conductors produce the highest signal resolution possible

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