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The HQ - 1 (halogen free)

The HQ - 1 is the highest quality ignition cable available. It was especially designed bearing high performance automotive applications in mind. 

As such it optimally serves car and motor racing, aviation and outboard motor applications.
Also, applied as an ignition cable in regular production cars HQ - 1’s many advantages stand out.
The HQ - 1 furthermore excellently suits high voltage high power transport in industrial equipment.

Car ignition:
Vehicle manufacturers treat ignition wires as service items to be replaced regularly: common car ignition cables need replacement after about every 50,000 to 70,000 kilometers (30,000 to 45,000 miles) of driving.
Their constant exposure to high voltage pulses, which progressively damage the surrounding electrical insulation material and the resistance wire itself, will eventually cause so much ignition energy loss that the engine doesn’t start well and runs unsteady. A poor ignition cable will especially give rise to those annoying starting problems in wintertime or in high humidity tropical conditions.

To overcome these and many more problems the HQ - 1 has been designed:

  • The HQ - 1 has an almost unlimited lifetime and is designed to endure a continuous voltage rating of 80 kV (125 kV peak).
    Latter voltage ratings imply a much higher safety margin compared to regular ignition wires, allowing more freedom of choice in spark plug gap size and ignition system power.
  • The well known American carbon core ignition wires exhibit a resistance of kiloOhms per meter. This means that the wire’s voltage-drop is length dependent. With peak spark currents often reaching up to 1 Ampere, kilovolts are lost on the ignition wire.
  • The HQ - 1 on the contrary has a very low resistance of 5.4 Ohm/km. rendering it firing length independent and burn-out safe.
  • With the HQ - 1, current limiting and RF damping are entirely determined by the suppressor as it should be.

The HQ - 1’s insulation furthermore is made of the best quality Teflon available in the world and is without any pigments. It is extremely oil, moisture, abrasion and vibration resistant.

  • The Teflon insulation renders the HQ - 1 capable of continuous high service temperatures up to 260 °C (= 500 °F).
  • The HQ - 1’s jacket insulating properties by far exceed those of the commonly used synthetic rubber types, silicone or Chlorinated PolyEthylene (CPE) in resistance to dielectric stress (corona) and in (the generally ignored) dielectric behaviour.
  • Teflon’s exceptionally low dielectric constant and dielectric absorption guarantee a minimal parasitic pulse energy storage in-, and delayed release from, the ignition wire’s insulation.

Together with HQ - 1’s very low 5.4 Ohm/km. resistance and its minimal inductance, latter properties ensure an unequalled sharp ignition pulse timing and a high instantaneous ignition pulse power delivered at the spark plug end of the wire.
The beneficial effects of this are numerous:

  • The engine runs more smoothly at all speeds, most easily noticeable at idling. A smoother running engine means less engine wear.
  • A more complete fuel combustion resulting into:
  • More engine power/torque at high revolution speeds.
  • A reduced emission of air pollutants (carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides and soot).
  • A strongly reduced soot production meaning a cleaner exhaust valve and a longer motor oil lifespan.

Where nowadays more and more strict car exhaust emission regulations are issued by governments all over the world, the HQ 1. makes your motor run cleaner thus reducing the need for more expensive modifications to your engine.

Due to its sharp timed high ignition energy deliverance it is adviseable to get your engine retuned after installation of The HQ 2. this will ensure its maximum benefits are gained.

With conventional and electronic distributor ignition systems furthermore, attention needs to be paid to avoid rotor arcing to minimize this important source of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and to minimize contact wear.

Some more details:

  • The HQ -1’s 19 conductor strands are made of Matched Crystal (MC) OFC with a dense coating of very pure silver to prevent any oxidation and to minimize skin effect.
  • The HQ - 1 furthermore is anti-ionisation treated; this brand-new feature is not applied to any other cable around the world at this moment.
  • The HQ - 1’s 7.22 mm. external diameter is kept very precise to produce a closed and waterproof connection with standard 7.0 mm. spark plug boots and a suppressor; meaning that all humidity is kept out of the cable.

Producing a smooth, clean running and fast starting engine in any condition, The HQ - 1 is the definitive and long lasting solution to an old problem.


The HQ - 1 (halogen free)
material Silverplated Copper OFC
cable type Single wire, multistrand
conductor material High purity dense Silver coated high purity Matched Crystal OFC
design purpose Very high quality ignition cable for demanding automotive applications / car and motor racing, airplanes, outboard motors
eff conductor 3.31 mm˛ / AWG 12 / 19
external diameter 7.22 mm.
jacket colors White
resistance 5.4 Ohm/km.

PTFE / 80 kV / 125 kV

connector types

Standard spark plug boots / ignition wire connectors

standard sales units

Any length


Is supplied without connectors


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