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The FLEXIMIC (halogen free)

After the big success of our The MIC HYBRID microphone cable, it was requested if we could produce a more flexible version. Therefore The FLEXIMIC was designed. Where a very flexible balanced connection is a must (like in the music industry), The FLEXIMIC is the answer.


The FLEXIMIC's two internal conductors each are made of 12 strands of 0.10 mm. diameter very high grade OFC with a dense pure silver coating.

  • Their resistance each is 18.9 Ohm/100 meter.
  • The internal conductors' insulation is made of Polyethylene respectively coloured white and blue.
  • The capacitance between the two conductors is a low 42 pF/meter.
  • The internal losses are very limited: specially treated artificial fibers are used as an internal filler; this is a perfect protection against losses caused by increased humidity over a longer period. And with an eye on the music industry: the two filler fibre bundles can also be used as a mechanical strain relief when fastened e.g. inside a connector.
  • To achieve a high flexibility, the double screening is made of a dense helix made of 84 strands of 0.12 mm. each with a Linear Structured Carbon ® saturated layer underneath.
  • The cable's external diameter is 6.0 mm., which fits all 6.3 mm. (1/4") jack/phone connectors.


The FLEXIMIC is available on 100 m. reels in the colours brown, green, blue and anthracite with a mat finish.

Shipping: 1 x 100 m. reel in a 255 x 255 x 205 mm. box with a total shipping weight of 6.17 kg.


The FLEXIMIC (halogen free)
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