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The CT 2 x 18 FEP (halogen free)

Our CT 2 x 18 FEP is a flatline twin conductor loudspeaker cable specifically designed for in-wall install applications.

The cable contains two stranded AWG 22 (0.60 mm²) high purity Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) conductors.

For maximum corrosion protection the copper strands are silver-plated and the transparent cable jacket is made of a special FEP polymer material which offers excellent chemical stability, heat and weather resistance, toughness and durability.
As a result, the cable has a very wide operating temperature range of -65 to +200 °C (-85 to 392 °F).

Another important property is the cable's designed stiffness, which facilitates pushing through in-wall tubing and adds further mechanical protection.

In short, The CT 2 x 18 FEP's combined features ensure decades of service life for install use.

The CT 2 x 18 FEP (halogen free)
material Copper OFC
product category speaker cable - Twin-lead, Entry-level
cable type Twin conductor
conductor material Silver plated high purity OFC
design purpose Loudspeaker cable for install applications
eff conductor 2x(0.60 mm˛ / ~AWG 22)
external diameter 3.66 mm. wide; 2.19 mm. thick
jacket colors Transparent
resistance 2.67 Ohm/100 m.

FEP / 600 V / 3 KV DC

standard sales units

Available in any length


Additional Specifications:
Temp. range: -65 to +200 °C (-85 to 392 °F)
Weight: 24 kg/km


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