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The BIG MIC (Halogen Free)

After the success of The MIC HYBRID, there was demand for an 8 x 3 configured microphone multicable with the same series of properties. And so another target was set. With the same long list of properties in mind and knowing that this product should not be thicker than 17 mm., a product-matrix was built again. The result is our The BIG MIC multicable.

  • The blue shielding is made of HULLIFLEX ® with all its good properties.
  • Underneath there are 2 x helical aluminum PET coated strips for the first 2 layers of the shielding. A separate and strong blank steel strand is used to contact this shielding to your connector(s).
  • The 8 screened groups of 3 conductors are individually insulated by polyester films and are identified with polyester number tapes.
  • The centre group (# 8) is first coated with blue HULLIFLEX ®.
  • Under the films you will find 2 x 25 x 0.25 mm. dense silver coated Matched Crystal OFC strands for the third shielding. The most inner shielding is a Linear Structured Carbon ® saturated layer.
    This means that each group of 3 conductors is separated by 4 screenings to the next group. From now on cable crosstalk is finished!
  • Within each group of 3 conductors the capacitance between 2 strands is 70 pF.
  • The resistance of each centre conductor is 14.6 Ohm/100 meter. For the shielding this is 1.3 Ohm/100 meter.

The BIG MIC can be ordered in any specified length.

We are also able to supply this cable on reels with a length of maximal 50 meters equipped with your specified connectors like Neutrik XLR.


The BIG MIC (Halogen Free)
material Silverplated Copper OFC
product category microphone cable
cable type Multicable with 8 double screened triple core lines
conductor material Core-strands: dense pure Silver over Matched Crystal OFC with 7 additional Copper coated steel reinforcement strands.
design purpose Microphone level multiple (balanced) audio signal transport / Professional recording.
eff conductor Cores: 0.15 mm˛ / Cores: AWG 25.4 / Cores: 19
external diameter 16.5 mm.
jacket colors Blue
resistance Cores: 14.6 Ohm/100 m.; Screens: 1.3 Ohm/100 m.
capacitance Mutual between any two conductors of a triple core group: 70 pF/m.
characteristic impedance Outer 7 lines: 110 Ohm (in balanced configuration); Allows AES-EBU standard digital audio transmission

Cores: Thermoplastic Elastomer; Jacket: HULLIFLEX ® / 300 Vrms min.

connector types

Neutrik XLR; Custom mountable on ordered lengths.

standard sales units

Furthermore available in any specified length starting from 1 meter.


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