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MSS - 7 (halogen free)

The MSS - 7 is a 36 gauge, 7 strand extremely flexible interconnect wire.


  • The resistance is: 1.31 Ohm/meter.
  • The total metal cross-section area is: 0.0127 mm². The external diameter is: 0.32 mm.
  • The insulation is made of PTFE and is available in the 4 colours: transparent, blue, red and green.
  • Each of the strands is made of a very high grade of Matched Crystal (MC) OFC with a dense and very pure silver coating.
  • The typical application area of this high quality wire is internal tone-arm wiring where a high flexibility of the wires passing the bearing-section, while maintaining the optimal electrical properties, is a strict must.
  • The MSS - 7 furthermore excellently suits wiring work on circuit boards with extremely limited space and flexible wiring between the connector board of e.g. hi-fi equipment and the component circuit board.
  • Also medical applications can be optimally served with this high flexible, mechanically relative strong wire with its optimal conductivity.

Packing: depending on ordered shipping weight or length.


MSS - 7 (halogen free)
material Silverplated Copper OFC
product category turntable cable
cable type Single wire, multistrand
conductor material High purity dense Silver coated high purity Matched Crystal OFC
design purpose Tone-arm wiring; Internal (pre-)amplifier (re-)wiring; Measurement equipment wiring
eff conductor 0.0127 mm˛ / AWG 36 / 7
external diameter 0.32 mm.
jacket colors Red, Green, Blue and Transparent
resistance 1.31 Ohm/m.

PTFE / 100 Vrms min.

connector types

Tone-arm: Our headshell wire connecting clips type CC - 1.0 and CC - 1.2

standard sales units

Available in any specified length


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