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MCS - 300 S (halogen free)

This is a single strand very pure Matched Crystal Silver wire with a metal diameter of 300 micron.

Its extrusion manufacturing process yields a top-quality signal transmission without any losses.

  • The resistance is 22.5 Ohm/100 meter.
  • The insulation is made of PTFE with an external diameter of: 0.80 mm.
  • This wire is available in the 4 colours: red, green, blue and translucent white.
  • The MCS - 300 can handle a maximum mechanical force of 140 gram.
  • Maximal temperature handling is 280 °C (= 536 °F).

  • Typical use of this wire is internal tone-arm wiring and interconnect between sensors on the human body and outside equipment where signal-loss and deterioration free operation is a must.
  • Due to its extremely low signal losses, the MCS - 300 also works very fine in pre-pre-amplifiers.
    The MCS - 300's extrusion manufacturing process results in a very low Cross Crystal Distortion (CCD). Values below 2 picoVolt/meter are normal.
  • Four times a length of MCS - 300 twisted together (with clockwise conductor wiring +-+- = starquad) makes an excellent interconnect. In this configuration the MCS - 300's sonic behaviour remains very perfect over a very broad frequency range.
  • Also for winding low loss HF/RF coils the MCS - 300 is the perfect match.

Packing: depending on ordered shipping weight or length.


MCS - 300 S (halogen free)
material Silver
product category turntable cable

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