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MC - SILVER IT Mk II Balanced (Halogen free)

It is common to produce High-End equipment with balanced inputs and outputs. With the actual version of our the MC - SILVER IT Mk II Coaxial interlink, it was not possible to meet this requirement. Therefore the MC - SILVER IT Mk II Balanced was designed.
A rather uncommon design with a conductor configuration that is officially named: Tri-Axial.

For all the metals in the MC - SILVER IT Mk II Balanced, we use the world’s highest grade of Matched Crystal (MC) Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) with a very thick mechanically (thus non-chemically) applied purest silver layer.
This adds to the sonic qualities and prevents chemical deterioration, reducing any degeneration of the product.

  • The centre group, acting as signal-up is made of 19 strands very dense silver coated MC OFC with a diameter of 0.16 mm. each. 
  • Over this centre group 2 layers of Teflon tape are applied.
  • Then the first braiding, acting as signal return made of 72 x 0.075 mm. very dense silver coated MC OFC strands, follows.
  • After this comes a second insulation layer with 4 sheets of Teflon.
  • The outer group functioning as shield is made of 2 layers
    -First: a helically overlapping wound silver tape with dimensions 2.5 x 0.05 mm.
    -Second: a braiding of 216 strands made of 0.102 mm. very dense silver coated MC OFC.
  • The outer 7.0 mm. diameter jacket is made of HULLIFLEX ® EHD. This specific insulation material is too costly to be used in all our products.

In practice the sonic results are determined by the quality of the conductors. A lesser factor is the layout of the product.
With superb conductor material, 95 % of the transmission quality is determined. Frequency range is a matter of layout and insulator parameters.
Nevertheless, the frequency range of the MC - SILVER IT Mk II Balanced is 22 GHz. More than enough for a good analog system.

  • The MC - SILVER IT Mk II Balanced is available stereo pair packed in luxe wooden box with XLR (balanced) connectors in 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 and 1.5 m. lengths.
  • The MC - SILVER IT Mk II Balanced is furthermore available in any other specified length starting from 60 cm.

Packing: depending on ordered length. But.......... with great care and full attention to prevent any damage.


MC - SILVER IT Mk II Balanced (Halogen free)
material Silver
product category interconnect - Balanced, Unbalanced, Digital, Top-end
cable type Triaxial (Balanced)
conductor material Strands with a thin high purity Matched Crystal OFC core and a thick High purity dense Matched Crystal Silver layer; Outer screen includes a high purity Matched Crystal Silver ribbon.
design purpose Interconnect for balanced signal transport at highest quality level
eff conductor Core: 0.382 mm˛; Intermediate conductor: 0.318 mm˛ / Core: AWG 21.3; Intermediate conductor: ~AWG 22 / Core: 19; Intermediate conductor: 72; Screen: 216 + Ag tape
external diameter 7.0 mm.
jacket colors Transparent cobalt blue
(Earlier versions: transparent white)
resistance Core: 4.54 Ohm/100 m.; Intermediate conductor: 5.14 Ohm/100 m.; Screen: 0.908 Ohm/100 m.
capacitance Core-Intermediate conductor: 105 pF/m.; Intermediate conductor-Screen: 85.2 pF/m.

Core and intermediate conductor: PTFE tape; Jacket: HULLIFLEX ® EHD / 300 Vrms min.

connector types

Neutrik XLR; Neutrik 1/4" (6.3 mm.) Jack/Phone plug; Custom mountable on any ordered length.

standard sales units

Stereo pair packed in luxe wooden box with XLR (balanced) connectors in 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 and 1.5 m. lengths; Other lengths: please consult your van den Hul dealer or the van den Hul distributor in your country.


Our MC - SILVER IT Mk III Balanced is a technically extended version of this cable.
In the MC - SILVER series are also available: The MC - SILVER IT 65 G and The MC - SILVER IT Mk II 75 Ohm.


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