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FT - 16 (Halogen Free)†

This very flexible 16 gauge stranded cable has been especially designed for general purpose wiring in high quality equipment. Its flexibility can indeed be very helpful in difficult mounting situations.

  • Its 63 strands are made of our Fusion material and give this cable its high flexibility. 
  • It has a resistance of 6.51 Ω/100m, the total conductor cross-section area is 2.7 mm² and the outer diameter is 2.5 mm. 
  • The insulation material is HULLIFLEX ® 4 and is available in red and black. 
  • Delivery on reel with the 2 ends closed with caps to prevent entrance of humid and/or polluted air, thus avoiding chemical deterioration. 

Packing: 1 x 250 meter reel in 1 box with external dimensions in mm: 275 x 275 x 220. Shipping weight: 6,00kg.

FT - 16 (Halogen Free)†
material Fusion
product category internal wiring
cable type Single wire, multistrand
conductor material FUSION TECHNOLOGY: amorphous Cu/Zn/Ag alloy
design purpose Amplifier and loudspeaker (re)wiring; Industrial and high current applications
eff conductor 1.27 mm≤ / ~AWG 16 / 63
external diameter 2.50 mm.
jacket colors Red, Black
resistance 6.51 Ohm/100 m.

HULLIFLEX ® 4 / 300 Vrms min.

standard sales units

250 m. reels in red or black; Other lengths: please consult your van den Hul dealer or the van den Hul distributor in your country.


Technology: Fusion Technology

The innovative Fusion Technology delivers an open and natural sound with purity and exempt from harshness. Itís based on an extremely effective combination of copper, zinc and silver in an amorphous alloy free from inter-crystalline boundaries.

The Integration Hybrid 

How influential is the mechanical treatment of metal conductors in terms of its electrical (and sonic) properties? We’ve observed and measured changes in standard conductors over a long period of time to produce a set of references that would answer this question. After several experiments, under tightly controlled conditions, we’ve noticed that the softer the metal (e. g. copper or silver) the more critical the mechanical treatment is in determining its properties. We were then able to reconfirm these results and even scale the effects. 

A very stable metal conductor over an extended lifespan. In order to achieve this objective we knew we had to get a stronger structured metal and/or composition. This set the path for several stages of theoretic and experimental work that, combined with the results we’d already obtained with Linear Structured Carbon ®, led us to a three metal composition consisting of silver, copper and zinc.

How to optimize the properties of this composition for the best sonic results? After several experiments we’ve devised the right technical process to upgrade this three metal composition. This special fusion process relied on combining individual metal evaporation and central deposition in a vacuum of silver, copper and zinc with a final thermal treatment. As soon as this was completed on the very first cable we immediately set out to a debut audition. The final result was a big surprise... in the best possible way. We called it The INTEGRATION Hybrid and thus our Fusion Technology was on its way.

With Fusion Technology we’ve successfully designed and developed an optimized metal conductor material stable, durable and with excellent sound properties: (1) low electrical resistance due to enough free electrons per volume unit; (2)high internal resistance against metal deformation; (3) very high internal resistance against metal displacement; (4) completely amorphous structure free from inter crystalline boundaries.  

The INTEGRATION Hybrid was the first Fusion Technology product and Sony Benelux was the first worldwide company to introduce it at the same time the Super Audio Cds were also being presented! All Dutch dealers who got their first SACD players from Sony and also received a set of The INTEGRATION HYBRID to demonstrate the potential quality of Super Audio. A remarkable and very positive initiative from Sony.




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