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The COMPOLINK 75 (Halogen Free)

From our AV product range we are proud to present our The COMPOLINK 75, a high performance 75 Ohm, three-wire component video cable.

The COMPOLINK 75 is suitable for short, medium as well as long distance transport of the “component video” format’s three separate video signal components in HDTV, DVD and other high resolution video applications:

From: Standard and progressive-scan DVD players, HDTV receivers (i.e. set-top decoders/tuners/cable boxes), VCRs, cameras or other three-wire component video output equipped sources
To: TVs, EDTVs, HDTVs, monitors, projectors, line-doublers/upconverters, DVD recorders or other three-wire component video input equipped displays and recorders. To ensure a clean, clear and sharp image with superb color definition, excellent contrast and fine detail even when using longer cable runs, great care has been paid to this cable’s design:

The COMPOLINK 75 is made-up of three separate high quality, low-loss coaxial 75 Ohm video lines which transport the split brightness information (=luminance+sync=Y) and two color difference signals as used in the prevailing component video standards: Y/Cr/Cb, Y/Pr/Pb, Y/U/V, Y/I/Q, and Y/B-Y/R-Y (marked on your equipment’s in and outputs).

Precise manufacturing of the coaxial lines guarantees equal electrical properties and a stable 75 Ohm impedance. These features avoid signal delay differences (i.e. keep all video signal components perfectly aligned) and also avoid signal reflections due to impedance deviations. Such cable induced timing error and time smear effects as well as lack of frequency bandwidth are a common cause of unfocused images.

Continuing The COMPOLINK 75’s features, the coaxial lines’ special internal cell-PE insulation material and dense silver coated Matched Crystal oxygen free copper cores plus shields minimize signal losses (attenuation) and provide a high frequency video bandwidth.

To prevent any image quality degredation due to interference from external noise, all individual coaxial lines are equipped with a double 100% closed shield.

A rugged light blue coloured HULLIFLEX ® jacket furthermore provides excellent protection against mechanical and environmental influences.

 Note:  To maintain a constant 75 Ohm impedance and avoid signal reflections, the advised minimum value of bending radius for The COMPOLINK 75 is 6.5 cm.Our ready made units are available in RCA-to-RCA or BNC-to-BNC connector version, fit with our color band coded, special quality slim body* RCA or BNC - 7.0 connectors with heavy gold plated contacts.

For mixed BNC-RCA type connection our accessory BNC to RCA (phono) adapter plugs are available.

The COMPOLINK 75 (Halogen Free)
material Silverplated Copper OFC
product category audio video - 75 Ohm
product category video
cable type 3 component video: Three coaxial lines
conductor material High purity dense Silver coated high purity Matched Crystal OFC
design purpose High performance three-wire component or RGB video connections in home theater and other video systems
eff conductor Coax cores: 0.382 mm / AWG 21.3 / 19
Coax screens: 2.25 mm / AWG 13.7 / 112
external diameter 20 mm. wide; 6.5 mm. thick
jacket colors Light blue
resistance Coax cores: 4.8 Ohm/100 m.
Coax screens: 0.81 Ohm/100 m
capacitance 64 pF/m.
characteristic impedance 75 Ohm

Coax cores: cell-PE; Jacket: HULLIFLEX ® / 300 Vrms min.

connector types

Our slim body* RCA type connectors or our BNC type BNC - 7.0; Mounted on ordered lengths.
Accessories: Our BNC to RCA (phono) adapter plugs.

standard sales units

With slim body* RCA or BNC type connectors in 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 and 1.5 meter lengths; Other lengths: please consult your van den Hul dealer or the van den Hul distributor in your country.


Our The COMPOLINE 75 is a smaller diameter version of this cable.
*: In RCA connector terminated version the cable comes with our so-called “slim body” connectors. These high quality connectors have been specially designed to also allow problem free insertion in countersunk RCA receptables as sometimes found at the rear of A/V equipment. Our slim body RCA type connectors furthermore are heavy gold plated and have a colored channel identification ring.


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