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3T The Sea Hybrid (halogen free)

The Sea Hybrid is a coaxial interconnect with technical upgrades compared to the 3T The River Hybrid

  • Thicker 3T single strand center conductor with a 400 micron diameter. It’s coated with a L. S. C. layer to improve signal transmission quality 
  • The shielding is made of forty 3T conductors combined with two layers of multiple, heavy silver coated, high quality copper strands. 
  • The sound character combines very high resolution with surprising dynamics improvements 

Our exclusive 3T technology gives you a much higher resolution and richer detail compared to any other metal technology used so far.

3T The Sea Hybrid (halogen free)
material 3T
product category interconnect - Unbalanced, Analogue, Mid-range
cable type Coaxial: single core, triple screened
conductor material 3T + HYBRID: Linear Structured Carbon saturated layer + 2 layer screens of silver plated copper
design purpose Audio Interconnect Unbalanced
eff conductor 1 core (0.4 mm 3T); 3 screens (metal)
external diameter 8,0 mm
jacket colors Dark blue

Hulliflex® halogen free / 300Vrms min., Dark Blue

connector types

RCA Rhodium coated

standard sales units

Stereo pair with RCA connectors in 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 and 1.5 m. lengths. Other lengths from 1,5 m can be ordered through dealer or distributor


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