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3T The Hill Hybrid (halogen free)

Following the popularity of the 3T The Rock, this model has been conceived to reduce the capacitive load between the two center conductors and the screen.  Enlarged dimensions.

  • The two center conductors are made of a single 500 micron 3T conductor and coated with a L. S. C. layer to further enhance the sonic quality. 
  • The three layer shielding has a 2 + 1 structure. It combines two made of heavy silver coated copper strands, plus one made of L. S. C. This is for the damping of spurious signals. 
  • This model presents a remarkable spacious and clean sound character without any noticeable distortion.
3T The Hill Hybrid (halogen free)
material 3T
product category interconnect - Balanced, Unbalanced, Analogue, High-end
product category musical instruments cable
cable type Twin cored, quad screened (Balanced)
conductor material 3T + HYBRID screen: 2 Linear Structured Carbon saturated layers + 2 layer screens of silver plated copper
design purpose Audio Interconnect (Unbalanced and Balanced)
eff conductor 2 x core conductor (2x 0,5 mm 3T); 4 screens (2 metal/2 carbon)
external diameter 8,4 mm
jacket colors Dark yellow

Hulliflex® halogen free / 300Vrms min., Dark yellow

connector types

RCA type C-8,4 Rhodium coated or Neutrik XLR Silverplated

standard sales units

Stereo pair with RCA (unbalanced) or XLR (balanced) connectors in 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 and 1.5 m. lengths. Other lengths from 1.5 m can be ordered through dealer or distributor


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