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3T The Cloud Hybrid (halogen free)

The 3T The CLOUD Hybrid cable is a four lead construction that can be used for stereo (2-2), bi-wire (2-4) and/or bi-amp (4-4) applications. Each lead is coated with a heavy L.S.C. Layer to improve the already very high transmission quality.

This gold colored Hulliflex insulated loudspeaker cable is made of 4 x AWG – 8 groups of 3T strands.

  • Each group is made of 6 x 7 strands with each strand a diameter of 0.34 mm, combined a seize of AWG-8 together. A thin centre-conductor is added for ground-termination connection between speaker(filter) and amplifier.
  • Each of the 4 AWG-8 conductor groups is coated with a heavy L.S.C. layer to improve the already very high transmission quality.Its multi-strand 3.26 mm diameter conductors bring what you probably have never heard before through your speakers. Extended bass-range, unsurpassed purity in the top-end and overall extreme dynamics. This is how music was meant to be reproduced!

The outer diameter of The CLOUD Hybrid is 15.4 mm, the jacket is made of gold HULLIFLEX®.

The 3T The Cloud Hybrid has an outer diameter of 15.4 mm.

Thanks to the really heavy 3T construction, you will enjoy a fabulous sound quality. The same as we also enjoyed when the first run of the 3T The Cloud arrived here and performed very well (and even without running in) in our in-house test-system after 2,5 hour of mounting work.

We supply 3T The Cloud in an excellent hard case hand luggage to secure a save transport.


Also available: 3T The Cloud Hybrid LIMITED EDITION!

A uniquely numbered, handmade speaker cable performed with a braided sleeve in the color of your choice. Comes in a beautiful sturdy case with a certificate of authenticity personally signed by mr. A. J. van den Hul.


3T The Cloud Hybrid (halogen free)
material 3T
product category speaker cable - Quad-lead, Bi wiring, Bi amping, High-end
cable type Four lead conductor + ground wire
conductor material 3T
design purpose Loudspeaker cable
eff conductor Each signal lead: 3.0mm / ~AWG 8 / 42 Ground lead: 0.9 mm / AWG 19 / 21
external diameter 15.4 mm
jacket colors Gold

HULLIFLEX ® 4 / 300 Vrms min.

connector types

3T Rhodium plated Berri busconnectors.

standard sales units

Can only be factory terminated, not available on reel.


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