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The TAC - Tone Arm Connector 

The TAC, with optional 90º or 180º profiles and gold plated contacts, secure a very high quality connection for your tone arm. 

  • Five contacts with 24 carat gold plating over silver plating over copper plating. The contacts have a standard 270º / 5 pin DIN configuration. 
  • The contacts are based on an adjustable Teflon disc which is able to cover any angle related to the connector housing. This way the optimal position towards the tone arm is always assured. 
  • The 90º profile of the connector housing is designed to combine vertical mounting and horizontal cable exit. Additionally, both profiles offer enough room to have the cable wires pushed in after soldering. 
  • The TAC is a perfect match for our tone arm cables D-501 HYBRID, D-501 SILVER HYBRID and, because of its special shape, the flat twin cable D-502 HYBRID. 
  • Cable clamping is done by tightening the rear-nut of the 3 part construction of the connector housing. (If the TAC doesn’t fit in the tone arm socket… use sandpaper to slim the outer dimensions). 
  • The color is black and the cable entrance dimensions are. 10.0 x 4.0 mm (w x h). 

For optimal contact care we recommend our The SOLUTION contact fluid 

Colour: Black.

Cable entrance dimensions: 10.0 x 4.0 mm (w x h)

For optimal contact care we recommend our The SOLUTION contact fluid.


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