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Lead-Free Silver Solder

A quality product for industry or DIY purposes.


  • Our Lead-Free Silver Solder is a top quality product that combines the European environmental legal regulations on lead-free solder and our ideas on improved metal technology. 
  • Sound quality comparisons between the two types of solder directly showed the higher quality of this product. 

Solder type:

Sn96.5/Ag3.5 (96.5% Tin / 3.5% Silver) wire w/ rosin flux core

Solder wire diameter: Ø:

1.0 mm

Melting temperature:

Solidus: 225 °C / 437°F Liquidus: 240 °C / 464 °F

Advised soldering work temperature:

~350 °C / ~662 °F

Sales unit:

1 kg. spool





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