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Beets Brothers - Lils Mackintosh - Hans Dulfer: A Tribute to Analogue

This one of a kind LP is a top reference quality analogue recording. Its title reveals the true nature of this very special project: paying a respectful tribute to analogue

Perfectly suited to demonstrate our phono cartridges’ qualities

It’s a live recording of jazz standards with excellent and devoted musicians doing what they do best with jazz standards. Hans Dulfer on sax, Lils Mackintosh on vocals and the Beets Brothers invite you to:

1 Body and soul (J.Green) 6.57 Side A

2 I remember Clifford (B. Golson) 6.05 Side A

3 Like someone in love (J. van Heusen) 6.36 Side A

4 A foggy day (G. Gershwin) 4.33 Side B

5 Lover man (R. Ramirez) 6.34 Side B

6 On a clear day (B. Lane) 6.06 Side B

7 How high the moon (N. Hamilton/M. Lewis) 4.03 Side B


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