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Headshell Connection Wires: The HEADSHELL LINK set

The HEADSHELL LINK SET is a high quality four lead wire set for the cartridge-to-headshell connection.

  • Four color coded leads (red, blue, green and white) made of our MCS - 300 solid core Matched Crystal Silver wire. 
  • Each lead is fitted with our heavy 24 carat gold plated Connecting Clips: The CC-1.0 with Ø 1.0 mm for the tone arm side and the CC-1.2 with Ø1.2 mm for the cartridge side.
  • The total length per lead, including the Connecting Clips, is 5.4 cm. The wire length is 4.3 cm.

Total length per lead including clips is 5.4 cm; Wire length is 4.3 cm.


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