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CD Recordings 


  • Van den Hul CARBON Recordings
  • Channel Classics Recordings
  • Pentatone Recordings

    Van den Hul Carbon Recordings


    In March ’99 we introduced our new Van den Hul Carbon Recordings label aimed at providing high resolution reference quality recordings of great music; Our recordings use a very natural and minimal recording approach and are recorded live to two-track using DVD 96kHz/24-bit technology. The recordings are furthermore made with the very best equipment available, including our Linear Structured Carbon ® cables for all connections.

    To give you an idea of what we have done to accomplish a well balanced acoustical result with our recordings, here are some hints:

    • The microphones used were B&K type 4190 with B&K amplifiers type 2669. Special custom designed acoustic couplers were used. We applied the lowest number of microphones possible; in many recordings not more than four. All microphone powering was done by external batteries.
    • For all analog and digital signal routing we used our well-proven Linear Structured Carbon ® cable The SECOND ®. Over 200 meters were used for all analog and digital connections.
    • The mains was filtered and stabilized at exactly 220 Volt 50 Hz. Each mains cable again had its own filter.
    • The mixing console used is custom built and contains broadband opamps.
    • The decision was made to work exclusively at 96 kHz samplerate with 24 bit resolution (DVD standard). Recording was done on two Nagra-D recorders.
    • The AD conversion for the Nagra-D recorders was performed by the dCS 904 converter. For the Sony 2500 backup DAT recorder we used a strongly upgraded dCS 900 AD converter.
    • The conversion from 96 kHz 24 bit DVD to 44.1 kHz 16 bit CD-standard was done with the dCS 972 digital to digital converter.
    • Monitoring was done using the dCS Elgar DA converter. We furthermore used the Sony MDR-CD3000 headphones and the Tannoy 800 A active.
    • All mains plug polarities were optimized using our POLARITY CHECKER to minimize ground leakage currents.
    • Each piece of music is an original recording without cuts or editing.

    The aim of all these technical exercises was to sonically come as close as possible to what A.J. van den Hul recalls as the best of analog. A kind of sound common around the mid-seventies without rumble or noise and with higher dynamics and strong spatial impressions. The digital to digital conversion from 96 kHz 24 bit DVD to 44.1 kHz 16 bit CD-standard using the dCS 972 allowed us to retain a lot of the original sound quality that was available during the very lively recording sessions.

    There are a couple points of criticism possible, like some extra noises at the beginning of or during the recordings. But we think that the complete music with some imperfections is more important than a technically perfect but otherwise dead, dull sound due to corrective technical manipulations. Very often CDs sound flat with a lot of high frequency accents radiating directly from your loudspeakers.

    It has been our goal to make your speakers totally transparent and fundamentally invisible in replaying the recordings. We think to have found a number of solutions so solve the common problems in the replay of CDs. When you are unhappy with what you hear through your own sound system, it is time to redesign your hi-fi setup. Especially cables can improve a lot. And when you’d like to enjoy the same sound as we listened to during the recordings, ask your dealer for The SECOND ® Linear Structured Carbon ® interconnects to get even closer to the original music.

    Our catalogue
    The following four 4 great jazz CDs were made in organizational cooperation with our musical friends Jeroen de Rijk and Frits Landesbergen:

    Four of a kind: For the time being
    10 tracks / 63'34" total playing time / order code: VDH99CR01

    This CD is recorded in cooperation with two musicians from Italy: Dado Moroni - piano and Rosario Bonacorso - contrabass. This resulted in a full swing of sound, where especially the numbers Poinciana, Monty’s Wave and Lime House Blues are outstanding samples of a perfect balance between the music and the acoustics with a lot of detail.
    In Nite Mist Blues the sound of the vibraphone is recorded in the same way as heard by the musician Frits Landesbergen himself. We have not pulled down the faders of the mixing console very fast. Each little vibration of the air after the last beat is on the tape and therefore also on your CD. So sometimes other sounds may be heard, but that’s all in the game.

    Jeroen de Rijk & friends: Central Heating
    11 tracks / 57'26" total playing time / order code: VDH99CR02

    The purpose of this CD was to record the balance in music and acoustics between Jeroen de Rijk - Percussionist and ten of his best friends, each of them performing on another instrument. Not easy during the recording sessions, because one was going and packing his instruments while the other was coming and unpacking.
    The big differences in sound-level and acoustical or electrical performance were a challenge to capture.
    Especially the performance of the numbers Masquerade, Self-portrait and Tarmac are perfect examples of a good balance between music and acoustics. They can be used as demo numbers for critical listeners to evaluate their hi-fi system.
    Both the musicians and the recording engineers enjoyed these ten sessions enormously. The music was great and the atmosphere even better.

    Louis van Dijk: Family and friends
    12 tracks / 45'29" total playing time / order code: VDH99CR03

    A recording made in cooperation with Louis van Dijk and Selma van Dijk. Father Louis supports daughter Selma in a large variety of styles and numbers like the very delicate Sweet William and Burjazzque. Or the whole group in Someone to watch over me. Music for the dedicated and also for the technical listeners with a perfect bass played by Edwin Corzilius. His instrument is a so called “apple-bass” from around 1800. Really the bass sound you’ll like to hear.

    Louis van Dijk: “I could have danced all night”
    11 tracks / 54'22" total playing time / order code: VDH99CR04

    Louis at his best with music he hasn’t played for years. Looking at him during the day of this recording was like being involved in the construction of each item yourself. A pleasure for everyone with great input of the musicians and the two technicians. Very inspiring. For those who intend to also use this CD as a test-medium, all numbers are suitable toppers. Great acoustics and even better music.

    A Sound Impression: Sampler
    10 tracks / 52'41" total playing time / order code: VDH99CR05

    Contains two tracks from each CD within our first release (VDH99CR01 through CR04) and two bonus tracks.

    Resonans Quartet: 4 Marimba’s
    13 tracks / 61'42" total playing time / order code: VDH05CR01

    The Resonans Quartet plays works of Ravel, Milhaud, J.S. Bach, Saint-Saëns, Piazolla, Beethoven and Bernstein on -and adapted for- marimba, supplemented with other melodious instruments of percussion, as the vibraphone and the xylophone. A life acoustic recording made in the St. Franciscus Xaverius Church in Amersfoort. Acoustically regarded as one of the nicest recording sites in The Netherlands.


    Channel Classics Recordings


    Channel Classics is a Dutch based recording company well known for its superb recording quality.
    Since its founding in 1990, the Channel Classics label has built an eminent catalogue of predominantly classical music performed by top artists. To support their recording quality, Channel Classics furthermore has chosen to exclusively use Van den Hul cable products.

    Channel Classics' CDs and multichannel hybrid Super Audio CDs (SACDs) now are also available through the Van den Hul distributors in countries where Channel Classics doesn't have its own distribution (listed further below).

    For all releases and order codes please have a look at the Channel Classics catalogue on their website.

    Channel Classics' recordings are available through Van den Hul distributors and their respective dealer networks in the following countries:

    Argentina           Ireland              Reunion
    Belarus Kazakhstan Romania
    Bulgaria Latvia Saudi Arabia
    Croatia Lebanon Slovenia
    Curaçao Lithuania Thailand
    Cyprus Luxembourg Ukraine
    Estonia Malta United Arab Emirates
    Iceland Mauritius Uruguay
    India Monaco Vietnam
    Indonesia Paraguay Yugoslavia, Fed. Repl.
    Iran Polynesia (Fr.)  


    PentaTone Classics Recordings 

    Always supporting the link between technique and emotion, with the eminent PentaTone Classics recordings catalogue, Van den Hul introduces a world of the best 4.0-channel remastered quadrophonic and new 5.0-channel recordings on Super Audio Hybrid Disc; This exclusively for sales in Van den Hul authorized hi-fi hardware stores outside the U.S.A., and in Indonesia and Thailand both in hi-fi hardware and software stores.

    Founded in 2001 by three former executives of Philips Classics together with Polyhymnia International (the former recording centre of Philips Classics), the PentaTone Classics label aims to create a new superbly recorded classical catalogue, starting with the most famous works performed by top classical artists.
    The PentaTone Classics related Polyhymnia International recording studio specializes in high-resolution 5 channel surround sound recordings of classical music. It has a stellar reputation for the quality of its recordings.

    For all releases and order codes
    please have a look at the Pentatone Classics catalogue on their website.

    Please note: The PentaTone Classics recordings are available through your authorized Van den Hul hi-fi dealer in all countries except the U.S.A.


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