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Cartridge Tracking Force Meter

Our digital tracking force meter gets your settings right with utmost precision. It is indeed a valuable tool for the devoted enthusiast.   

  • With superlative accuracy and an appropriate range, this little meter stands out among the competition. 
  • It’s easily calibrated and features a switchable display backlight and an auto power-off. Operating instructions are included. 
  • Place the meter on your turntable platter, lower the cartridge’s stylus gently on the center of the meter’s weighting platter and check if your tracking force needs to be set.
  • Specifications:

Measurement range:

0 – 5 grams


± 0.002 grams

Auto power off:

120 seconds

Backlight auto off:

20 seconds idle

Operation temperature:

0 – 40º C / 32 – 104º F


96 x 43 x 20 mm


50 grams







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