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Berri Bus Connector

The BERRI BUS is our improved termination system for loudspeaker cables. It has new looks and offers a much easier, quicker and more effective assembly of its gold plated parts. 

  • Universal modular (solder style) termination system for loudspeaker cables. (With no need for heat shrink sleeve (!)) 
  • 24 carat gold plated parts (inner bus and terminals) to maintain the contact quality over long periods of intensive use and to keep oxidation away. 
  • The banana and the angled spade (fork) screw-in terminals are WBT binding post fitting. Both offer excellent mating properties and minimal contact resistance. 
  • Angled spade terminal blade with 2.0 mm thickness, 15 mm external width and fits studs from Ø 5.0 mm to Ø 9.0 mm. 
  • Banana terminal (standard 4 mm pin) with caged spring contact section. 

Also available in separate parts (terminal and/or connector base) and 


in six different Ø cable entrances: 4.5, 6.5, 8.3, 10.0, 13.2 or 20.0 mm (jacket diameter). 


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