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Special Edition - CRIMSON & COLIBRI with AMBER

Designing and building phono-cartridges is an always returning
challenge to do better in musicality, dynamics, spacious
reproduction and resolution. There are, of course, more essential
properties like enough output-level, impedance match, phasecoherence
and low combined with flat crosstalk levels.

But despite all technical descriptions, the main attractive audio
factors are: dynamics, space and resolution. Thinking about new
ways to focus on these three properties, I have used two of our
already existing models to run experiments with. With the use of
a titanium platform and an authentic Baltic amber body,
another series of quality steps have been made.
Each piece of amber is different so the pictures on the website don’t always
reflect the actual made version. Our real authentic Baltic amber
is or transparent or so called “butterscotch”. Selection is yours.
Bigger pieces of amber do really cost serious money.