Silverplated Cables

The electrical conductivity of silver and copper is about equal. Silver is from this point of view just a bit better, but above all itís a more noble metal.

MC Silver The main reason for our company to apply silver to all our electrical conductors is that it acts as an extra protection layer against chemical attack from the outside world.

Many hi-fi lovers have experienced at one point that silver coated copper strand cables sounded more harsh and aggressive compared to e.g. pure copper or pure silver ones. However, it is not the silver layer on the copper conductor that changes the sound quality in a negative way itself; It lies in the method by which the silver coating is done:
As long as the silver coating is applied by means of fast electroplating in an AgNo3 (silver nitrate) bath, the final sound will be negatively influenced. Especially when only one bath is used, which the conductor, suspended from two nylon wheels, passes over and over again. All passages combined, the conductor minimally experiences 50 turns (100 times bending and 100 times stretching). As a result, already many residue chemicals become enclosed between the silver surface crystals and especially within the already deep surface cracks in the copper, which were produced by the frequent bending. The thus embedded chemicals immediately start their detrimental corrosive activity and will never stop as long as there is any humidity around. And believe me, there is always some humidity around. So even before you bought your standard silver coated product, the sound quality was already far away from what you expected. As was and is the international experience.

Silver coated products from our company are produced in a totally different way, with an open eye for the problems described above. Knowing these effects, we have created different and innovative methods of silver coating without any chemicals involved. As a direct result, the high sound quality is predictable and long-term stable. Even in humid
environments like tropical countries, our cable products will maintain their sound quality over many years to come. Our MC - SILVER series is an excellent example of this innovative technology.